212 Men




It’s a pleasant scent overall. Smells cologne-y, smells aquatic. Sometimes a bit icy or mentholated. A bit spicy. I guess you might consider it “green”, but it doesn’t really remind me of the world of plants. It’s not burning my nose or giving me a headache, but the overall effect is a bit harsh and synthetic to me. I find I am going nose-blind to it rather quickly, though others are smelling it more clearly. Some fragrances have me smelling my shirt all day. I don’t think this will be one of them. I am ready to move on after a couple of hours.

Top Notes

Green Notes | Grapefruit | Spices | Bergamot | Lavender

 Middle Notes

Ginger | Violet | Gardenia | Sage

Base Notes

Musk | Sandalwood | Incense




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