Afternoon Swim




Beautiful, I ordered a few samples just because I wanted to try Cactus Garden, but this is my favorite by far, I ordered a 10ml decant within a day. Longevity is GREAT for me! but my skin seems to like fresh/aquatic perfumes. As to sillage, my boyfriend noticed it from a meter away, but that was within the first hour so not too sure. Nonetheless, a potential fave. I can see why people might think it’s generic upon first sniff, but the way it personally interacted with my chemistry was phenomenal. Wow wow wow . Not gonna lie I was skeptical about LV Colognes but THIS BLEW ME OUT OF THE POOL! So luxurious!!! Absolute summer , totally unisex, very luxurious and I love love love it! Was my first LV & my 2nd was California Dream and THAT is a VERY CLOSE 2nd as well. It reminds me of sundowners at Ocean Beach in San Diego. But even some say the longevity or sillage is not worth the price, I NEVER JUDGE by a weak performance. I love skin scents as well and believe no it everything should be loud AF. Hope everyone is safe and healthy & smelling their best! 💙


Mandarin Orange | Sicilian Orange | Bergamot




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