Apple Brandy



This scent is more apple brandy barrel than actual apple brandy. The oak and sweet resin are big players that really dominate most of the odor profile. The vanilla and cedar really take a backseat to create that pseudo-boozy baked apple note, ever present yet playing second fiddle. But the oak is there in the open, it’s heaviest in the mid, and it’s still hanging around in the dry down. That’s not a knock on the fragrance at all, as it still plays out wonderfully. It’s a bit linear in that it doesn’t stray from it’s name, but that’s its strength. Very rich, very high quality, and expertly crafted.

Apple Brandy is fairly pleasant, more so than most of the other Kilians, but second to Straight to Heaven.
These 2 actually are not that dissimilar, I find they share the same basic DNA and they differentiate in some important details, for example Apple Brandy has a very evident apple note, which I am surprised to not see listed in the pyramid. Also the vanilla is more intense here. As the 2 fragrances progress, the differentiate more.
Apple Brandy gets a solid like.

 Main Notes

Apple | Rum | Cedar Wood | Oak | Vanilla | Labdanum




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