Brazil (Own Creation)



Excellent leather scent, long-lasting and sillage.
Brazil is a rich oriental fragrance which made by oud-wood, incense, musk & some saffron leather like accord which this part exactly reminds me of Guerlain santal royal. It has some exotic facets in dry down that I like it.
As other Fragscent’s exclusive luxury collection fragrances this one is simple, high quality & so powerful in longevity too. Special choice for men wearing during fall & winters that can be match with leathery outfits IMO

Brazil by fragscent is an Amber Woody fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. Brazil was launched in 2021.

Top Notes

Nutmeg | Cinnamon

Middle Notes

Nagarmotha | Olibanum

Base Notes

Musk | Agarwood (Oud) | Saffron




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