Burberry Brit Men



Just beautiful. One of my favorite  fragrances for men – I love the feeling I get when I wear this one. Rose, powder, musk, a hint of bergamot-style citrus. And not a girly rose smell either. Elegant, very English, refined. Picture a suited man holding a rose and this is what he’d smell like. Longevity is 2-4 hours – reapply if you must! Cheap as chips and well worth adding to your collection, or a starting point for a man on a budget.

Top notes are Ginger, Cardamom, Green Mandarin and Bergamot; middle notes are Wild Rose, Nutmeg, Cedar and Spicy Notes; base notes are Tonka Bean, Cedar, Gray Musk, Oriental Woodsy notes and Patchouli

Top Notes:

Ginger | Cardamom | Green Mandarin | Bergamot

Middle Notes:

Wild Rose | Nutmeg | Cedar

Base Note:

Tonka Bean | Grey Musk | Woody Notes




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