Cartier Pasha



This stuff is good. I swear when I get wafts through the air it almost comes across like a really deep woody coconut smell. Very strong too.

The dry down after a while is really really nice. Turns into this kind of smooth creamy woody silky amber scent with a hint of sweetness and a nice aromatic quality. Definitely gives me the vibe of an old school scent that you may have smelled on an older gentleman at some point. One of the good ones. The kind of scent that sort of captivated you even though you knew nothing of fragrances.

The original Pasha eau de toilette has that strong urinary smell that I find totally off putting. This new Partum retains very little of that awful DNA, but when the top notes start to fade, some clashing notes from the base arise and the result is an unpleasant smell covered up by the boozy sweetness. As a whole, Pasha perfume has some interesting nuances, but it also has its rough edges.
Main Notes

Patchouli | Sandalwood | Fir Blossom | Labdanum | Benzoin | Molecule | Tonka Beans



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