Good Girl Gone Bad



Fragscent Perfumes introduce a High Quality inspired impression of Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian. This is a solid like for me. I sampled this last year in 2020 and hated it. Obviously my nose has adapted to this scent profile now. This is an easy to wear white floral. Heavy On the osmanthus and I struggle with this note so maybe that’s why it’s only a like and not a love (I don’t really like Amouage Sunshine Woman). But it’s naturally sweet and apricot, slightly clean and musky/soapy. The is very green, you get the stem of the flower. I usually like heavy vanilla dominated scents.

Review: This reminds me of something mom used to wear as a child. When I am missing her… I spray some on my hand and it comforts me. I don’t really get the name though…. It is not something that I wear personally, but if you love floral scents… this is for you!!! Also if you are looking for something that is unique… I say give this a try… I have not smelled something like this in over 20 years… but I am glad someone brought it back.


Top Notes

Osmanthus | Jasmine | May Rose

 Middle Notes

Tuberose | Narcissus

Base Notes

Amber | Cedar Wood




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