Good Girl



Fragscent Perfumes introduce high quality inspired impression of Good Girl by  Carolina Herrera. Every one of them I own and love them all. My favorite from this line is the good girl lager with this one coming in second and the very good girl in third. This is spicy, sexy, and sweet! Very intoxicating and attractive to anyone who smells it, the lager is a bit better at turning heads IMO but this is very close to it as well! I enjoy smelling this one anyone just because I love the scent! Definitely pick up a bottle of the lager or this if you want to get those compliments and feel sexy, the lager is more of an all-around scent, whereas this is a little strong for some occasions. This is still very solid, I just love the lager more!


Top Notes

Almond | Coffee | Bergamot | Lemon

Middle Notes

Tuberose | jasmine | Orange Blossom | Orris | Rose

Base Notes

Patchouli | Sandalwood | Moss | Cedar | Musk | Cashmere wood




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