Tiger by Fragscent Perfumes is high quality impression of Nemer by Boadicea the Victorious. At first, this opens up with a strong earthy animalic oud. It’s dirty but smooth. Within the first 20 minutes, it gets a little stronger before the roses start to pop up. By the 30-minute mark, you get an even rose:oud ratio wrapped in a soft creamy cloud. At about the 40-minute mark, the Turkish rose takes the lead. This transition point–where the rose starts to pull away–is when you get that slight medicinal quality that some reviewers mentioned below. This is relatively short-lived, and it then falls back into the rose/oud harmony. After a little bit, the oud pulls up, but by now it’s morphed into a rich silky caress with sprinkles of soft powder. At this point there are a few cameos here and there; little bursts of green, fresh (almost citrusy), spicy notes—just little pop-ups like little fireworks.

After a lovely display, there comes the encore right back with the animalic oud, but instead of the cameos, you get little pair-ups of rose/patchouli, rose/sandalwood, rose/musk. As it starts to settle, it wraps you in a warm blanket and rocks you back and forth between the amber/vanilla/sandalwood and powdery/rose/oud combos echoing the latter towards the very end.

Top Notes

Saffron | Black Pepper | Lemongrass | Ylang Ylang

Middle Notes

Moroccan Rose | Turkish Rose | Rose

Base Notes

Patchouli | Sandalwood | Moss | Cedar | Musk | Cashmere wood




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