Pink Rose




It’s very similar to Jo Malone’s red roses, Jo Malone is more green, while this one I can smell a little fruit, perhaps pear, orange. But overall the scents are very similar.
An Update: so it dried down and the Green notes mellowed down and more musk stepped in, now it smells like musky rose with amber. Very beautiful, the drown down is different from jo Malone. Jo Malone stays green to the end. I might prefer the Mancera more, I love the rosy musky dry down.

Top notes are Bulgarian Rose, Green Notes, Bergamot and Calabrian Mandarin; middle notes are Moroccan Rose, Violet, Pear and Patchouli; base notes are White Musk and Ambergris.


Top Notes

Bulgarian Rose | Green Notes | Bergamot

Middle Notes

Morocco Rose | Violet | Pear | Patchouli

Base Notes

White Musk | Ambergris




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